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m. used to study art history in northampton, now she watches film in anchorage.

insta: marxxn

updates & thoughts
  • sleep > everyone else 
  • i need to stop eating out for terrible Chinese/Japanese food
  • i’ve been smelling like belgian chocolate coffee lately … thanks to L ♥
  • i need to buy a thermos cup
  • i’m a WOZQ Radio co-Dj with E & F- so tune in this Saturday from 4-6 to listen to The Wave for amazing east asian music!
  • I need a DJ name too … any suggestions ???
  • 송중기 ♥ in Nice Guy takes my breath away
  • Also listen to this! Verbal Jint - You Deserve Better (feat. Sanchez of Phantom)
  • i’m finally giving my first SCMA tour on the 19th to high school students… terribly nervous and excited
  • craving tiramisu at the moment
  • need to plan a trip to Boston
  • excited for NYC trip for my art history classes
  • and contemporary feminist art … ugh I love you and I understand what you’re trying to do but I cannot and will never enjoy all of these “body as a metaphor” art. In short, stop all of these bodily harm please. (see. sigalit landau’s “barbed hula” video art & Mary Coble’s “Binding Ritual, Daily Routine”)

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